GOP Fact Checking A Dying Art?

Boy’s Quixotic dream may be difficult to follow.

With no alternative source of instruction available to the young student, the last living GOP fact checker has agreed to conduct a tele-tutoring progran from the Do Not Resuscitate wing of his nursing home.

Said parents Punch and Judy Homeschool, “We realize our son’s decision will, in everyone’s mind, put him in the same category as that girl who recently turned down a spot on the new FOX reality show, Reformed Horny Cheerleaders, in order to become an Athabaskan interpreter, but it’s his dream and all we can hope is that someday fact checking will experience a resurgence in Republican circles. It is our fear though that we will not live to see that day.”

When reached for comment, Republican National Committee spokesperson, Snidely Whiplash said “Fact? Checking? Can you spell it?

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