Leno, Letterman to Palin – Say It Isn’t So!

Comedians To Palin: Run Sarah, Run

Sarah Refudiates Presidency

Disappointed that Sarah Palin is not in the Republican Presidential running and is therefore jeopardizing their livelihoods, the Comedy Writers Guild has hired Joe McGinnis, a former close neighbor of the Palins, to lobby the half term governor on their behalf. “We needed someone who is close to the Palins to try to convince her to run”, said the guild.

“With our favorite political speaker since Bush not in the debates, many of the other candidates’ unfounded and wild assertions are not being properly refudiated”
stated guild spokesperson Kent Brockman.

A press release voicing similar sentiments was also put out by several satirical news sites such as The Onion, The Spoof, and Fox “News”.

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