Attack Of The Climate Change Deniers? Website Defaced

“Global Warming” Changed To “Climate Enhancement”

Mystery surrounds an overnight attack and defacing of the website of Science News, a publication of The Society For Science & The Public.

Science News reported that articles dealing with climate change were singled out for attack. Included in the multiple defacements was, “dead certainty” changed to “hypothetical”, “Report” changed to “fraud”, and “Immediate action” was changed to “Needs more study”.

Suspicion settled upon the newly emboldened Tea Bagger terrorist wing of the Republican Party when it was noted that most of the defacing was misspelled.

Climate Change denier Rick Perry, through a spokesperson said that while he agrees with the hackers’ sentiments, he abhors the action, and hopes for immediate prosecution of whomever went to http// or, and downloaded their free and very easy to use tools for website intrusion. He expressed hope that those wishing to expose climatologists for the “grant money grubbing liars that they are” would use above board means and not seek out kiddie scripts by resorting to Google searches with the keywords, “hack, hacker, web page hacking, defacement, deface, DDOS, Bot, Botnet, Bot Net, etc. and not search Amazon ( for the five star rated ‘Hacking for Dummies’, written in layman’s terms and very readable.”

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