Voters Unsure About Palin

Enraged Wild Animal In Chief

It is just as well Sarah Palin is not running. With the exception of the most psychopathic element of the Tea Baggers, most voters say they don’t want a candidate who has inferred that she would conduct the office of President of the United States as an enraged wild animal.

Said Patrick Henry Hyde, “As you can see by my unusual attire I’m a Tea Bagger through and through. Yet I wouldn’t look forward to the Chinese ambassador giving a President Palin a polite bow and her reaching out and removing his scalp in one terrible swoop. It could result in strained relations.”

When reached for comment a Palin spokesperson immediately calmed our fears about such a diplomatic faux pas. “A President Palin would do nothing of the sort. However, she may have on occasion ambled down to the Potomac to swat dinner on to the shore.”

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