Rick Perry Renames Hunting Camp

In a hasty bid
to deflect criticism over the name of his hunting camp, which some, mainly those outside of the Republican Party, have found to be racially offensive, Rick Perry, governor of Texas and former can’t lose candidate du jour for President of the United States, has been screening possible names to replace the current “Ni**ers Keep Out” which implies a touch more exclusivity than someone aspiring to be an inclusive leader should display.

“Sadly, my fellow Republicans have been little help” said Perry. They have sent suggestions that run from ‘Ni**ers Will Be Shot’ all the way to Ni**ers Will Be Wounded.” I hate to reject these well meaning suggestions out of hand, since they represent the sentiment of 85% of Republican voters, but I also have to respect the sensibilities of the Ni**ers since I’m going to need them when I’m President and start my first war. After all, that’s what former governors of Texas do.”

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