Kentucky Clerk To Monetize 15 Minutes Of “Fame”

Movin’ On Up Right Wing Style

With an eye toward cashing in before the FOX “news” bandwagon finds a newer, shinier, object, Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who alone stood in the breech doing God’s work by denying marriage licenses to couples not worthy before the Lord, says she is casting about for ideas on how to turn her notoriety into an income stream able to, as she put it in off the record remarks, “…get me out of craphole, Kentucky.”

“When HuKim Davisckabee came to town I knew I had hit the big time. Not Sarah Palin big, but in that ballpark. I asked The Huckster if he could get me a gig on FOX, maybe after I dyed my hair blond, but he said that in my case it would take considerably more than that.”

“With Palin finding right wing gold on the No-Think-Um speaking circuit I might strike out in that direction. I figure if I can fill a room hectoring about the sanctity of marriage after having three divorces and four marriages I am definitely movin’ on up.”


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