FOX “news” Admits Technical Snafu

Dennis Hastert

*SCANDAL* Democrat Bill Clinton *SCANDAL*

Puts Bill Clinton’s Name Under Dennis Hastert’s Picture

Saying it was merely a mistake and nothing to get all excited about, FOX “news” acknowledged erroneously captioning a picture of recently indicted former House of Representatives speaker Dennis Hastert while reporting on Hastert’s sex and money laundering scandal during a brief


break in its wall to wall coverage of Benghazi, Clinton Cash, Hillary Is The Antichrist, and Was Hillary Born In Kenya?.

We had a similar problem when reporting on the gay sex scandals of Mark Foley and Larry Craig when the graphics miss identified them as being Democrats. The computers that do our on screen graphics are controlled by an algorithm that when presented with the term, “scandal” automatically displays “Democrat” and then searches a database for the name of a random Democrat. In this case the first name it came to was “Clinton, Bill”.

When our reporter asked what other Democratic names are in the database, he was told, “Clinton, Bill, Clinton, Hillary, and Obama, Barack. “The list is short because when we polled our viewers those names ended up at the very top of our viewers’ Hate Index. As we say here at FOX, ‘Hate is our most important product”.


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