Miami Police Unapologetic For Black Mugshot Target Practice

John Boehner

No!! Wait!! Its Me!!!!

Police Chief: “What should we use? Disney characters?”

Concerned citizens are speaking out regarding the revelation that North Miami police used the mugshots of African American men for target practice at a training session.

The BBC reported “The images used by North Miami Beach Police were discovered by a female soldier who used the firing range after a police training session. Sgt Valerie Deant recognised her brother as one of the target images, according to NBC Miami.”

In response┬áPolice Chief J Scott Dennis said at a hastily called news conference, “Sgt. Deant’s brother had his mugshot taken after he was arrested for drag racing. We hope this proper and unassailable use of his physiognomy will deter other young men of his persuasion from dressing up as women and running up and down the streets of North Miami with impunity.”

Reporters stood open mouthed as an aide whispered in Chief Dennis’ ear and the Chief mumbled “It doesn’t?”, “Really?”

The press conference ended as the aide took over the microphone and apologized that the prepared response had too many fifty cent words resulting in confusion and that a fuller explanation would be forthcoming.

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